About Us


                                                        Vision, Mission, and Values

The Runner World is the complete online resource for runners of all abilities and experience levels. We love running as much as you do. Our aim is to create the most inclusive running online portal of information, resources and necessary tools for the running community.

The Runner World mission is pure and simple: We want to provide all kind of information necessary to please and serve every aspect of the running life for every running individual, encouraging runners of all ages and abilities to experience running and recognize that they can achieve a healthier lifestyle through running, no matter of their athletic status in our running community, seasonal runners, elite runners or joggers. The Runner World will provide information about the most competitive running events around the world, from road racing to trail running and ultra trail running. We will deliver the latest up to date news of the sport as well as breaking information about, health tips, fitness and all the science behind running.

The Runner World will offer opportunities to runners from all over the world to share their personal running stories, have discussions on articles topics and share advice of the neverending enthusiastic and knowledgeable runners community.

Our mission is to build one of the largest online community of running athletes and running enthusiasts on the Web. Our main goal is to make The Runner World a part of your daily routine for training and race information.

We want to represent running as a way of life, a way of thinking, a different perspective on what we can achieve and what not. Running has taught Us that we can achieve everything. We just need to be decisive, committed and determined.