American Runner Gerardi

American Runner Gerardi Wins Tromsø Skyrace, With New Course Record

Yesterday was Tromso SkyRaces  3rd edition.

Following the soul of sky running linking technical summits, the participants must have a combination of endurance, speed and mountaineering skills and knowledge.

The route has long and sustained sections of scrambling terrain on Hampeokken ridge, off-trail sections on lose rocky parts in Tromsdalstind and off trail forest sections on the lower parts and snowfields on the summits.

Most of the running is on technical ridges with the fjords on every side, and cross grass valleys in true wilderness, while the most iconic and beautiful city Tromso. The course joins the 2 higher summits of the area, Tromsdalstind, and Hamperokken, in pure single track and off-trail style.tromso sky race

Blamann Vertical took place on Friday 3 August 2018 and Tromso SkyRace (Hampeokken and Tromsdalstind) took place yesterday, 4th August 2018.

They are part of the Vertical and Ultra MiguRun SkyRunner World Series. The event is only suitable for highly experienced competitors and with mountain knowledge.

Skyrunner World Series was on the spot and they are reporting that ”Star of the show yesterday was American Hillary Gerardi who not only topped the podium but set a new course record at the Tromsø SkyRace® one of the most challenging races on the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series. Londoner Jonathan Albon won yet again in this fourth stage of the eight-race Sky Extra category.

Gerardi has been climbing not only the mountains but is fast climbing the skyrunning rankings. Today’s win and record of this highly technical race set in the Arctic Circle is a demonstration of her growing talent and skills. She also placed tenth overall.

Running magazine report and results from the race:

It was a great day and a close race for the American women and the British men competing at the Tromsø Skyrace in Norway today, with only 26 minutes separating the top three women and 28 minutes for the top three men in the 55K race at the Arctic Circle.

Hilary Gerardi, originally from Vermont, finished first in the women’s race and set a new course record of 8:14:09. Ragna Debats of France was second, in 8:27:13, and Brittany Peterson of Idaho was third, in 8:40:08.

American Runner Gerardi
Hillary Gerardi wins the race, takes 10th overall and sets the new course record at Tromsø Skyrace. ©David Gonthier

The U.K.’s Jonathan Albon was first overall, repeating his victory last year, in 7:04:06. Pere Aurell Bove of Spain was second, in 7:28:56, and the U.K.’s Andy Symonds was third, in 7:32:54, finishes the report.

The course, designed by mountain runners Kilian Jornet and Emilie Forsberg (who live together in western Norway) is very technical, with a lot of loose, rocky scrambling and 4,600m of ascent. The race is the fourth of eight races in the Sky Extra category of the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series.

The next race in the series is the Matterhorn Ultraks “Sky” 49K in Zermatt, Switzerland, on August 25.



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