Hungarian Champion Ultramarathon Runner Viktória Makai Became A Victim Of A Brutal Sexual Assault in Budapest

Hungarian champion ultramarathon runner Viktória Makai became a victim of a brutal sexual assault in Budapest on October 14, 2018.

While she was doing her regular run along the road, a strong, heavy man tackled her, beat her head bloody and then sexually abused her. Several cars drove past them on the road while this was happening.

Her husband went to look for his wife and managed to prevent further tragedy. Driving the attacker away, he saved his wife who was taken to a hospital at once. The police arrested the assailant the same day and pressed charges against him.

After being released from the hospital, the mother of two refused to hide her wounds and decided to launch an anti-violence campaign “Run Away”.

Image credits: sportagvalaszto

“We hope to generate thought-provoking ideas that can help us increase our safety. We would welcome any action to advance this important cause. Perhaps these campaign messages will help others to tell their own stories or draw the strength needed to make a change.” – Viktória says to media.

She reveals her thoughts and feelings with astounding openness through her photo gallery and personal messages.

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“I’ve always wondered what chances a 50-pound woman would have if she was attacked”

Image credits: sportagvalaszto

“I was suspicious of the man running behind me but I was reluctant to believe that he was really after me”

run away
Image credits: sportagvalaszto

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