Pete Kostelnick Finishes 5,300-Mile Run From Alaska to Florida

Runner world reports that ultra runner Pete Kostelnick Finishes 5,300-Mile Run From Alaska to Florida. He reached the southernmost point of the Florida Keys 13 days ahead of schedule—and injury-free.The numbers are stunning: 97 days and change, 55 miles on average per day, 14 U.S. states and Canadian provinces, and 5,384 total miles. One pretty indestructible jogging stroller, one seemingly impossible goal. Zero injuries.

Photo pete kostelnick

When Pete Kostelnick—an ultrarunner who holds the record for fastest time running from San Francisco to New York City—decided he was going to try an even more epic run, he decided on a north-south route taking him from Kenai, Alaska, to Key West, FloridHe called it “Ke2Key,” and hoped to finish in less than 110 days. But at the start of the effort, he acknowledged anything could happen to thwart his goal.

The fact that he hit the southernmost point of the Keys 13 days earlier than expected was just one of the happy surprises along the way.His wife, family, and friends joined him at various points on the route, especially in his home state of Iowa. He ran past Alaskan glaciers, North Dakota grasslands, Iowa cornfields, and Kentucky country roads.

The most memorable and perfect day, he told Runner’s World, was in Illinois on a 75-mile day when a few friends ran with him and the weather was sublime—that ideal blend of camaraderie, sunshine, and a just-right tail wind. 

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