What I Talk about When I Talk about Running 

Haruki Murakami’s memoir ”What I Talk About When I Talk About Running” provides insight into the author while he trains for the New York City Marathon. Writing an autobiography or memoir about your life is a large undertaking. There is so much to say. Usually, with a memoir, the author can go into more detail than with an autobiography. It focuses on sections of the author’s life. 

Haruki Murakami chose to write What I Talk about When I Talk about Running as a memoir. As his experiences show throughout his book, Murakami is not the kind of man to run away from a tough project. He focuses his memoir on running and writing, mostly between 2005 and 2006. In the book, Murakami discusses his introduction to writing and his preparation for the New York City Marathon. Afterward, there are several chapters after the race about his participation in triathlons. Murakami adds dashes of commentary and his personal philosophy throughout. 


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