The race KAMENA BABA TRAIL – 34K 1750 D+ Certified by ITRA with 2 points for the renowned UTMB

The race Kamena Baba Trail starts and follows the same path to the monastery Treskavec as Treskavec Trail and then continues through the fascinating rocky terrain on the road to the village Dabnica. From there it circles the hill Kukul on which lies the famous bouldering site Kamena Baba and goes to the control point of Prilep lake.

Kamena baba trail 34 km

From the checkpoint the trail climbs the peak Edinak, goes back to the village of Dabnica and climbs to the saddle named Nakovalna (Anvil) from where it switches on the north side of the hill Marko’s Towers. Hence, the race returns to Varos.

Kamena baba trail 34 km
Photo: Krali Marko Trails/

If you want to experience a little longer and harder adventure and to get “lost” in the beautiful rock formations spread across the Marko’s Towers then this race is the right choice for you.

Start and finish – amphitheatre in Varosh, Prilep – GPS – 41.357493, 21.530867


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